Meet the Lego's

We are a blended family, and not in the more commonly thought of way. My friend whom I've known since before we could have kids made the journey West with me and we decided it was easier to band together and raise our kids together. She's my sister in all the ways except blood. So let me introduce you to the main cast of characters in this LegoMama's household. In order of appearance of course.

First Up, we have Sarea. My sister's oldest born. 

Our almost teenager is Snarky, Intelligent, Caring, and sometimes you want to duct tape her mouth shut. She is part cat, part snake and her goal is to be a wildlife rescue vet. 

Next to bat, Kaiden. My first born.

Lover of all things Angry Birds, Ways To Get Dirty, and Any Activity That Could Possibly Kill Him. Also our resident S.I.D. kid.

Third to show his pretty face, Rogue. My sister's second born.

He is fabulous and so very good at being a little brother. He loves rainbows, any Lego video game (although he's partial to Star Wars and Batman). He was born "tongue tied" and is very good natured about our light teasing. He's been in speech therapy for two years and is having big improvements in his speech and reading. Fantastic at Math and has the kind of laugh that is just infectious.

Now for the Princess, Jaelyn. She is my second (and last) born.

I adore this picture of her. It is just so HER. She is the Princess (and occasional Evil Queen). While very smart, she finished Kindergarten in four months, she likes to play dumb because she's pretty and gets away with it. She is not a SID Kid, but she does have some PTSD issues because of a traumatic fall when she was 20mths old. She's very caring, a big nurturer. Our biggest issue right now is WHINING. Again with the urge to duct tape mouths.

Last, but certainly not least. We have Vynnie (AKA Gojira). My sister's third (and last) born.

Oh Vynnie. He is our baby, and as you can tell from the picture, the kid is just pure Awesome. He was born with clubfoot and has been through the Ponsetti Method. Castings and braces. So far Vynster is thriving and hitting milestones like a champ. Definitely enjoying the baby position in the family and very good at letting everyone know that he will be appeased or destruction will follow.

Then of course there's myself and my sister. Ringleaders to this Circus of ours. We do our best to keep all the action in the center ring and the crazy parts away from the local townfolk. ;-)

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