Friday, August 10, 2012

Little Boy Lost

It's been a while and so much has happened in that time!

We have been doing our OT and I am happy to report that Kaiden is completely off daytime meds. No more Focalin!!

We do still have some problems with sleep, not nearly as much as we were. A Benadryl and a Melatonin solve that issue. But they are not needed every night!

A little that has happened this month. We missed our therapy appointments twice, once for out of town and once for illness. Man, as skeptical as I was of therapy, I can definitely tell a difference when we don't go. 

Kaiden is almost back to his old tricks if we skip even just one appointment or one day of home therapy. 

Needless to say, we are trying our best to avoid those situations again.

Kaiden is starting football! This is his first year and he is very excited to get started.

We have been steadily getting our curriculum for the year, each box that is delivered gets the kids (and us) that much more ready to get started. I am in love with the Language Arts curriculum Kaiden and Sarea are starting this year. It's Michael Clay Thompson and is more of a classical approach than the norm. There is no worksheets, or busy work. The literature is novel based, group reading of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Then discussions of what we've read. My favorite approach to literature.
Grammar is also story based for Kaiden. It is taught in novel form, a story about a fish named Mud who wants to know how to write a sentence. He learns about structure and parts of speech from other animals.

The vocabulary is Latin based. Teaching them the "stems" of words so that they can decipher any new word they come across.
He is starting Poetry, and the way they introduce it is just fantastic. First, they learn about the sounds and beauty of written and spoken language. The cadence and such. I am such a big believer in the music of spoken and written language. 

We also got our Usborne Encyclopedia and Kingfisher book as well. These are the spine to our History and the kids poured over them for quite a while fascinated and getting very excited about History. I am a big lover of History and looking forward to it myself.

All in all, we are almost ready to start our new school year. Minus some curriculum we are still waiting on. Language Arts and Math are ready to go!
We have been enjoying our Summer and I am very much enjoying having my son coming back to me. I am forever thankful for our therapist and the woman who introduced us to the idea of SID. 

Hope everyone is having a great Summer and wishing everyone a wonderful school year!

Quote of the day:

I hear running in the hall, Kaid throws open my door :
"Don't be surprised if you hear squealing"
Door slammed, running down the hall, thump, SQUEAL!

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