Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How we got here, and Who led the way.

Eight years ago my co-author made the off hand comment; "He is so adorable, if I have kids I hope they're just like yours."

This phrase has somehow become a reality. 

Both of our first borns, who are three years apart, are one person in two bodies. Male and Female, Yin to well Yin, actually.

Kaiden is eight, he has Sensory Integration Disorder. His test shows that while he does not have Autism, he has pretty severe integration issues.

Melodie is five, she has Sensory Integration Disorder. Her test shows that while she is not Autistic either, she also has pretty severe integration issues.

I'd like to point out that when comparing their tests, there was only a one to two point difference in scores. These tests were given on different days, in different situations. 

One person, Two bodies. Down to even their facial expressions when having one of their SID moments.

Continuing this "curse" of ours, we both had second borns. What can I say, we're brave people I suppose. 

These are our control group for lack of a better term. They are the "normal" children. Again they were three years apart. Again they are the same people in two bodies. Both hitting the same milestones, both having the same quirks and personalities. 

Jaelyn is five. She is a "normal" child. She believes she is a princess and is fantastic at getting people to do what she wants.

Lilly is two. She is a "normal" child. She also believes she is a princess and follows Jaelyn's footsteps on how to get what she wants as well.

Personally, I hate the word normal. But I use it here to illustrate what is considered the norm behavior. As much as the word may bother me, there has to be some baseline to find out how far a child deviates and how to help them. We don't think of our kids as broken. They both have different strengths, where something is lacking, they've made up for it in other area's. 

It has been a struggle to get here, we've been told ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar, Unspecified Mood Disorder, Dyslexia, Aspergers. 

We've been told:

They will learn how to cope, this is a life long ordeal, they'll have to learn to live with it, they'll have to figure out how to work within their means.

And then we met a woman who told us:  

"What I'm going to say will change your life." It did.

It brought us the diagnosis of Sensory Integration Disorder. It brought us to another woman, named Katie, who finally said those four little words:

"I can help them."  

This is just an introduction to the members of our circus. Kaiden and Melodie both have their own unique story to tell so we've created a page for each of them. Welcome to the madness, we'll be blogging about our day to day struggles, successes, and our adventures in therapy and A.L.E. schooling. Feel free to tell us your stories.

Quote of the day:
" If you're close enough to LICK someone, you're close enough to stop SHOUTING. We're not deaf. Yet. We may be soon if you don't stop."

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