Friday, June 29, 2012

Brickyard Road

Our goal is to share our story. The ups and downs. The good and bad. Non sugarcoated truth. It's my personal hope that we can help even one person, who feels like they've done everything they can and nothing is getting any better.

Only days after Melodie's intake appointment for SI Therapy she had convinced other children to twist her arm and break it.( THANK YOU legoMama for catching that one.) She wanted a cast so bad she was willing to suffer through a summer with a broken arm. That's says a lot considering Melodie's favorite place is in the water. 

Couple things about Melodie I may have forgotten to mention. Her safe place is water. Bath, shower, pool, puddle, it really doesn't matter. She also associates her world in color. Remembers playgrounds by the color of the play equipment and refers to them by such. Remembers people by their favorite color, or the color of their house or car. That's just the way her brain likes things to be. 

I get a call, that Melodie wants a purple ( her all time favorite color) cast so bad she is trying to break her arm....OI! are you kidding me? I will admit I had a hard time with it the more I thought about it. I can understand wanting a purple cast. It's a great color. But willing to purposely break your OWN arm to get one...I cried a little. What is going on in that brain of hers. 

I remembered we had SI therapy and that maybe Katie could help, at this point I didn't care if she knew all the answers or not. She knew more than me, and for the first time it all made perfect sense. 

So we started her "menu" my co-author and I took two days at my house and gave it a go. Things seemed to go so smooth. Now we've had a couple days on our own, and we're learning. Musical Chores is SUPER AWESOME. One of the activities listed was stop and go games. So we put it to music, you clean when the music plays , you FREEZE when it stops. It's fun and very productive. 

Joint Compression, she just loves it. 

We have crab walk races, find the skittle in the bag of rice, legos, she uses her squishy ball when she reads or has to listen to instructions. We play the same music every night (Zen Garden) for bed time. We start every day with a warm face wash. We have found that she likes to have a heavy stuffy on top of her when she sleeps, and likes to be rolled tightly in a blanket.

I will say that last night was not a good night, she couldn't stay asleep, and even when I was laying right next to her she would wake up and yell for me. The lack of sleep is where I really have a hard time. It affects everyone in the house. Including Lilly. 

Melodie was very good while shopping today. Daddy was home, and we all went to the mall. This was a pretty big deal considering the last time I took Melodie to the mall we had to leave because she was too nervous. She picked out some new clothes and talked daddy into a book and a bracelet. Daddy's kind of a big softy though. 

Things are always a little different when he is home. He is a truck driver and currently gone 4-5 days, home for 2. So we adapt, because well, we don't really have another choice. Some days we wish Daddy was home more, but we are certainly thankful for the sacrifices he makes to provide for us. This allows us to home school ( ALE style), it allows Melodie the things she needs, and Lilly to spend her days with Me and Melodie. 

There are days I'd like to sell them to the circus, even told Melodie that's why she took gymnastics. But in all honesty, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have kanji symbols on my forearms, Strength and Courage, those two words have gotten me though the absolute darkest of times. But that's a whole other story. My point being, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am a stronger mother now than I was a year ago, and I am determined to fight for my kid, and help others. 

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